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Will Abbott

Geologist & Glaciologist

Will is a ferociously passionate naturalist guide specializing in the geology, glaciology and climate of Polar Regions and a fierce advocate for conservation. 

Growing up in Sydney Australia, Will was the third born child of his family and therefore the least loved. Barely scrapping through school, he somehow managed to graduate in Geology & Geophysics (Hons) at Macquarie University, and worked as a geologist in a number of beautiful areas around the world such as Outback Australia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. 

Years later, Will was diagnosed with a serious case of Travelitis, quit work and decided to travel and explore the world. It was only after arriving to Antarctica as a passenger did Will finally realize his passion for the Polar Regions. Since then, Will has travelled extensively throughout all seven continents, often doing completely ridiculous things such as driving a TINY 1.1L Peugeot 206 across 22 countries from London to the Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, to raise money for charity or just recently in 2017, successfully summiting Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. 

While onboard, Will delivers an array of entertaining presentations on the surrounding geology, glaciology and climate, and when he is not leading interpretive hikes or hugging rocks on land, you will likely see him driving you safely from ship to shore as one of the many experienced zodiac drivers onboard. 

Will has enjoyed over 60+ polar voyages throughout eight seasons with Quark Expeditions ranging from exploring the wilderness areas of the Antarctic Peninsula in the south to the Norwegian Coast, Svalbard archipelago, East & West Greenland and the Canadian Arctic of the north. While also having broad non-polar guiding experience in a number of spectacular regions around the world including the Kimberley Coast in Australia, Indian Ocean, Seychelles, Madagascar and the South Pacific. 

When he is not a part of the Quark Expedition Team, he is drawn to the mountains and ocean, enjoying countless adventures trekking in the Atlas, East African, Himalayan, French and Andes mountains while being an avid surfer, certified Scuba/Free diver and all-round water sports lover!! 

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