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Alex McNeil

Expedition Leader

Alex is one of the many Canadians working in the Polar Regions. Born in England and raised in Toronto from the age of six, Alex started his first construction company when he was just 19 years old. Alex is fluent in Spanish and is currently learning Russian. He has been working for Quark for the better part of the last decade and has filled the roles of Expedition Co-ordinator, Logistics Manager, Historian, Zodiac Driver, and Expedition Leader.

He is a skilled boat handler and mechanic and has worked in some of the most challenging conditions. He has traveled extensively in the Arctic and Antarctic, completing over 100 expeditions. He has developed a strong passion for these regions and has a keen interest in many fields including, Geology, Ornithology and Marine Biology but has focused most of his time reading about the great explorers of the Antarctic. When not in the high latitudes Alex enjoys canoeing and camping in Temagami, Ontario, collecting rare first edition polar history books from the early 20th century, practicing his Russian, and building anything from engines to houses.

His future goals include: re-claiming his grandfather’s farm in rural Zambia, Masters study in Iceland or Cambridge, manufacturing solar power generators in China for export overseas, and making your polar experience one you will never forget.

What keeps you coming back season after season?

"I enjoy working with people - being able to show them such pristine and important parts of our planet. I like being in a position where I can impact in a positive way the overall outcome and success of an expedition. " If you could time travel, which historic expedition would you like to join, and why? "In the Arctic: I would have loved to have been with John Rae during any of his expeditions. 

Alex's advice to Polar Travelers

"The immense landscapes and overwhelming power of nature that you experience in the polar regions is a life-changing event. A polar voyage will humble your preconceived understanding of our planet, and will evoke a strong obligation to protect these areas at all costs."

Alex McNeil, Quark Expeditions Leader