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Alex McNeil

Expedition Staff Manager

Born in England and raised in Canada, Alex has also lived in Mexico and Australia and spent extensive time in Argentina and Russia, so he considers himself a global citizen. Additionally, with a Zambian father, British mother and Western Australian wife, he has developed a peculiar accent. Over the past decade, he has completed over 100 polar expeditions, including 10 to the geographic North Pole. He has sailed on 14 expedition vessels, icebreakers, and completed trips by land and air. Through these experiences, Alex has developed a strong passion for these regions. He has also studied the Russian language and Soviet and Russian polar history. After 16 field seasons, his role now includes supporting Quark Expeditions’ strategic planning for operations in the Russian Arctic, and the management of field teams. My goals include reclaiming my grandfather’s farm in Zambia, becoming fluent in Russian, growing his not-for-profit organization to increase outreach projects in Arctic communities, and making your polar experience unforgettable.

Do you have any awards, published research, or committee memberships?

“Motivations and rewards of Arctic expedition cruising” in Northern Public Affairs Magazine

What is one of your favorite memories of the polar regions?

Meeting my wife on West Point Island, in the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas), on Christmas Day.

What advice would you give someone traveling to the polar regions?

The Polar Regions are beautiful and mysterious places, so embrace change and meet every new adventure with an open heart. I often quote the late David Bowie, who once said, “I don’t know where we are going from here, but I can promise it won’t be boring.”

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from traveling?

When visiting the Polar Regions, don’t underestimate the people you are traveling with – these places draw extraordinary people with incredible stories.