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Jonathan (JC) Carroll

Business Development & Strategic Partnerships

I joined Quark Expeditions to lead business development and strategic partnerships worldwide. Having designed, led and directed wilderness and adventure expeditions in Thailand, Mexico, Canada and the U.S., I love sharing my years of experience and passion with the Quark Expeditions team. I also love the polar landscapes and providing support to Quark Expeditions’ extended family of partners, who are so crucial to connecting curious travelers with the Quark expedition experience.

What is one of your favorite memories of the polar regions?

Some of my favorite memories are floating in a Zodiac with the engine turned off, listening to the crackle of melting glacier ice while taking in the sheer beauty that surrounds me in all directions.

What advice would you give someone traveling to the polar regions?

Go now! The Polar Regions represent one of the last frontiers and pristine wilderness environments on the globe. Respectfully visiting these areas provides a greater understanding of the importance of these regions and builds advocacy for their support for generations to enjoy.