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Raakhe Kapila

Polar Travel Adviser

I was born and raised in Canada, with an upbringing in Indian culture, where the Polar Regions or being outdoorsy didn’t quite exist. I did a 3-year Hospitality and Tourism program, which started my career in the world of cruising, retail and now expedition travel. I moved to India to add on international experience, and worked in Bangalore for 5 years before returning home. August 2017 will mark my 5-year anniversary with Quark Expeditions, which changed the way I looked at travel. I am proud to be one of the very few people in my circle of family and friends to do the trips I have done and plan on doing. My highlight would be seeing an iceberg the first time and experiencing the feeling of my heart smiling without the shackles of an explanation, thereby being in a world where “I am happy” is a statement!