Lina Tao

General Manager, China

Lina Tao has been a champion of polar travel since 1986 when she began working with the Antarctic scientific research and management team at the Chinese Arctic and Antarctic Administration. She was one of the key members of expedition teams posted at Great Wall Station, first in 1987 and again in 1995, working four-month stints.

In 1991, Tao was assigned by the China Oceanic Administration to the United States International Arctic Project office to study the management of polar expeditions. During this time, she worked with noted explorer Will Steger and his team, preparing for his trek across the Arctic.

One of the founders of polar tourism in China, Tao has led teams to the Antarctic 31 times since 1987, including one Southwest Antarctic voyage (30 days), one East and South Antarctic expedition (30 days), and three trips to the South Pole. She has also made 10 trips to the Arctic, including five to the North Pole. 

Lina Tao

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