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Vanessa Berlowitz

Documentary Filmmaker

Over Vanessa’s 23-year career at the BBC’s Natural History Unit, she has filmed in over 100 countries and from pole to pole. She has produced and directed over 20 Bafta and Emmy award winning films for series such as Planet Earth, Frozen Planet, Life of Mammals, Land of the Tiger and the Human Animal - as well as strands such as Natural World, Wildlife on One, Natural Neighbours and Postcards from the Country. 

One of the highlights of her career was retracing Scott’s expedition to the South Pole from the air and also accompanying Sir David Attenborough to the South Pole and then to the North Pole just 6 weeks later – a trip that coincided with his 90th birthday! As Series Producer of Frozen Planet, Vanessa spent 5 months in McMurdo, the US base in Antarctica and got to direct the series’ Antarctic aerials and oversee a range of extraordinary shoots from the extraordinary footage of a ‘brinicle’ forming to the ice caves high on the slopes of Mt Erebus, the planet’s most southerly active volcano.

Vanessa won an Emmy for Frozen Planet and then went on to become an Executive Producer for the BBC, creating a range of innovation-led series and specials for BBC1 including Great Bear Stakeout, Life in the Air and David Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur. Her career at the BBC culminated with the launch of Planet Earth 2, which she originated and spent 2 years working with her team to develop the new immersive style of the series.

Since then Vanessa has teamed up with her husband, Mark Linfield – a fellow wildlife film-maker – to work on a wildlife movie for Disneynature. They are currently living in Botswana with their 9 year-old-son and all loving filming and living in the African bush, which makes a nice change from the extreme cold of the poles!