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Intro to Spitsbergen: Fjords, Glaciers and Wildlife of Svalbard — Reviews

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October 03, 2019

Arctic Heaven

More than what we ever hoped for. Saw everything we wanted to see, made new friends, had a great time. Would thoroughly recommend it to everyone. From staying in Longyearbyen to exploring the ice flows and islands for wildlife. Just an amazing time. Totally different from our Antarctica trip and after jumping into the water on both trips I’m sure the water was colder in the Arctic!!!!


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July 07, 2019

The Galapagos of the North Pôle !!

Same fascination. Landscape out of the ordinary, bare mountains, aboundant wild life aboundant, no fear of human presence as long as we remain respectfull. However, the main difference is in the number of layers one need to put on when doing a Zodiac cruise and landing.
Quark team provides an experience worth paying for! Many thank to you all!


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June 26, 2019

Congenial engaging inspiring experience.

Loved it. Learned a lot. Met nice people. Great hospitality from guides, crew, and hotel staff. And was wildly entertained by the Little Auk saga.


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June 24, 2019

Fantastic scenery in Svalbard

Amazing beauty at 78 degrees north. Only saw 2 polar bears in 9 days, and at quite a distance, but a friend reminded me that we go to Svalbard for the scenery. Guides Annie and Francoise, in my opinion, are the best guides Quark employs. Both are kind, smart, patient and excellent animal spotters. All the ship's staff were helpful and pleasant. The restaurant staff are top-notch.
I'd have given a 5-star rating, except for 2 things: our outings seemed short and timed around meals, rather than meals served to accommodate wildlife sightings. Secondly, I learned that I paid more than twice the cost of the trip that my room-mate paid. There were other guests who also talked about getting cheaper deals, leaving me to wonder how I, too, could get a better deal. This was my second voyage with Quark.


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June 23, 2019

An Amazing Expedition as Expected

My second trip with Quark (first was the Antarctic) and it did not disappoint. The Arctic was a very different journey as opposed to the Antarctic. The journey took us in search for the wildlife and the beautiful scenery with like-minded people. The staff and crew were amazing and helpful in all ways to make our trip a memorable one.


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June 23, 2019

Awesome, Amazing, Arctic Expedition

Though good weather was an especially fortunate bonus, our Svalbard expedition was comprised of highlight after highlight. From seeing a polar bear on the first evening, four different whale species, seals, reindeer, foxes, puffins and, of course, little auks, we were able to get good up-close exposure to arctic wildlife. Being able to kayak in the shadow of majestic glaciers was a special enchantment. On guided zodiac tours we were thoughtfully introduced to bird habitats, blue tinged sea ice, and multiple glaciers. And finally, hiking in this extraordinary part of the world was fantastic. Plus the accommodations and food was first-rate and the programming informative and entertaining. On a final note, the expedition crew and ship staff were professional and sincere in promoting a collegial and friendly environment.


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June 22, 2019


I was completely impressed by my experience with Quark Expeditions in Spitsbergen. The staff aboard the Ocean Adventurer were beyond outstanding. Woody did a phenomenal job of coordinating the expedition. Annie's enthusiasm for the wildlife and teaching was infectious. I loved standing near her with the binoculars waiting until I'd see her grin or subtly get excited. That's when I knew we'd see/learn something unforgettable. I greatly appreciate the "leave no trace" philosophy of Quark and the care they take to not have a negative impact on the environment which we were observing. They should do more trash clean-up efforts, etc to, perhaps, improve the environment before we leave it. The lectures were outstanding. The crew really were able to flex to accommodate the changing itinerary and never seemed to miss a step. I really loved Acacias photography education.

The housekeeping staff did a phenomenal job! Enough said.

The food was consistently incredible! I loved the outdoor barbeque.

The only thing which might have improved my experience would have been to do the paddle boarding more than once. The conditions for group 1 and 3 were incredible and they had a phenomenal experience. Unfortunately, my group (2), had terrible weather and the experience felt a little disappointing. I realize that this isn't something that can be controlled, but it might have been nice for another opportunity to paddle a little to make up for it.

Overall, my experience with Quark was exceptional and I will certainly do additional expeditions in the future.


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June 22, 2019

Always an adventure

As usual Quark’s attention to detail is excellent
The guides are outstanding
The ship spotless
The food was not as gourmet as past trips but still good quality
Of course I’ll keep exploring with Quark


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June 22, 2019

Great Expedition

Our second trip with Quark. Great time. Great food. Great service. Really enjoyed the people, the scenery, and the animals. Would not change a thing.


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June 19, 2019

Fascinating Trip/Excellent Staff

Spitsbergen is a magical place to visit.

The Quark Expeditions staff is fantastic. The guides are capable, enthusiastic and informative. They do an amazing job keeping guests safe, comfortable and engaged. Having 'experts' in different fields made the trip that much more interesting. The photography guide Acacia Johnson, for example, is excellent.

The staff and crew of Ocean Adventurer were always eager to please.

I highly recommend this adventure!

Stephen Wescott