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Photo by Acacia Johnson

Northwest Passage: Epic High Arctic — Reviews

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Verified Passenger

October 27, 2019

Almost perfect

First I would like to say this was a beautiful trip, but it could be improved. Ottawa- 113 or so people checking in at the lobby , was a
bit crazy. Only 1 person checking in people.
Went to pick up jacket, but the delivery was late,
come back later.
Looking for luggage in front of bus and only 1
man loading, most loaded their own.
Sitting on a tarmac for over 1/2 hour, stagger
departures from hotel, checking in and airport.
Iqaluit- Waiting around for almost an hour to depart.

Resolute Bay- Waiting for ????? the 2nd plane to arrive to
try on boots.old people standing while
trying on till one of us got a few chairs.
And 113 or so people in 1 room with 1
bathroom seems wrong, for almost 2 hours.
This 1st part seemed very unorganized, I would think things would be much more routine by now.

I took the top bunk in the cabin for 3 because, one lady was in her 80s and the other in her 70s stated she got sea sick( she did have a patch) My 3" pad as opposed to a 6" mattress to sleep on,
seems a bit unfair. Come to find out about 10 days out, there were people that didnt show up or canceled, I would have paid more to be up graded to a different cabin since there were openings.

Arctic Bay- We were told we would walk from the demo
site to the village about 1 km. flat terrain.
2.8km and 2 hills later, theres a fork in the
road and no one to direct us to the Cultural
building or the store.
Qaanaaq-We had been told and retold about not
touching the dogs. We were standing getting
information of the village and a puppy comes
up to me and starts sniffing my hand without
me noticing . Our guide looks at me and tells
me not to pet it, uncalled for statement to me.

Our last day on the ship, we are asked to write a review. I was not in the mind set, nor did I want to rush anything. I was not the only person with these feelings. I have been on a cruise, but this, I didnt know what to expect. The village visits and them selling their wares
was also very disorganized. The landscapes were to die for, the service was excellent. I didnt know we were to keep the jackets, I thought they were just like the boots and we would return them. Did I not see that mentioned in the information booklets?? I dont expect a response, but it would be nice.
Thank you,
Cassandra Griego


Verified Passenger

October 25, 2019

Brilliant expedition voyage to the High Arctic

The expedition journey was well conceived and had excellent leadership. Every opportunity was taken to respond to the wishes of guests and landings, etc were crammed into every day. Lectures were absolutely appropriate and of high quality.


Verified Passenger

October 07, 2019

Trip of a lifetime.

Wonderful trip! We couldn’t be more pleased. The expedition crew and the ship’s crew did a fantastic job. Every aspect of the trip exceeded expectations


Verified Passenger

October 01, 2019


Definitely a trip to take if you prefer your life to be more like a verb than a noun...


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October 01, 2019

Excellent Arctic adventure

We explored the Far North, discovering an Arctic world with wonderful new friends and grand daily adventures. We attended lectures, jumped into zodiacs for new shores, walked on the ice pack, learned about northern life and its peoples, and shared vibrant conversations at meals. Hotel staff very hospitable and expedition staff wise and fun. An outstanding adventure was had.


Verified Passenger

October 01, 2019

five star

The expedition team was fantastic. Extremely knowledgeable interesting and hard working. Can’t praise Alison and rest of team enough. We were kept busy and entertained. All in all a highly recommended experience


Verified Passenger

October 01, 2019

Great trip

All very professional. Including all the hotel staff, engineers etc. And of course the guide's.
A little more information about the geology/geographical formation of the vast landscape may have helped many of the passengers. ( not just the glaciers and icefields).
Walking group speeds fluctuated at times (chargers) taking in all the objectives into account. (As a retired montaineering and skiing touring instructor) even the chargers group wish to have a short time to take photo en- route. It's all about building memories. NB. During walks shore with an older group and the cold, there is NO embarrassment to offer loo stops. ( this was a concern at times).
Lectures were professional. Excellent.
All in all a super trip and we would happily recommended it to friends.


Verified Passenger

September 30, 2018

Super! Exciting! Wonderful!

Super teams on board! And, lucky us to see the polar bear!

Is a full of amazing views with and exciting memories that will not be forgotten, ever!!!!!

Hope we will all meet again soon on another expedition!!!!