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Cameron Browne

Cameron Browne

About Cameron Browne

Geology & Glaciology Presenter
Cameron Browne


Despite being born and raised in Toronto, Cam has never felt totally at home in the big city. His thirst for wild landscapes and exploration was sparked at a young age, when his parents introduced him to northern Ontario and the Rocky Mountains. Since then, Cam has been feeding his desire for adventure. Whether it’s Zodiac camping trips along the beaches of Vancouver Island, mountain biking in his backyard or ski mountaineering in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia, he is most at home where the road ends and the unexpected begins.

A highly skilled Zodiac driver, Cam has been driving boats since age 7 and is more comfortable at the tiller of a Zodiac than behind the wheel of a car. He loves the challenge of rough-weather driving and navigating through ice and looks forward to safely escorting you on your Zodiac cruises.

Cam has been working with Quark Expeditions since 2013 as an expedition guide and Zodiac driver. With multiple Antarctic and Arctic seasons under his belt, he is excited to share this Antarctic season with you!