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Céline Girard

About Céline Girard

French Expedition Guide


Contemplating the beauty of Mother Earth is a lifelong journey.

As with most of the Quark Expeditions family, Céline has a strong passion for raw and untouched landscapes. Through her work, she can immerse herself in the wilderness and rediscover what it is like to be one with nature. According to her, each voyage is a journey within.

Surprisingly, Céline can’t actually bear the cold, so she spends most of her time in the south of France. What makes her keep coming back to these precious regions is being part of a dedicated organization that puts incredible work, love and passion into creating the life-changing experience you are about to enjoy.

In addition to her role as a guide, Céline is obsessed with helping people create a life aligned with Mother Nature. Through her personal brand, Wellness à la française, she creates and hosts wellness events (meditations, sound healing, beach yoga, women’s circles) to help men and women reconnect with their true essence. She plans to bring the wellness movement on board and host wellness cruises in the future.

Céline seeks to connect and create meaningful relationships. She cannot wait to hear what made you come on this journey.