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Jessica Day

About Jessica Day

Kayak Guide


Once upon a time, growing up in Australia, young Jess wanted to be a marine biologist.  Jess’s well-meaning parents informed her that being a marine biologist was not snorkelling and scuba diving the tropical reefs of the world.  What would be more likely they said, was spending half the year working on research vessels in the polar regions, which would be terribly bleak and terribly grim in their opinion.  The other half of the year would be spent working at a university, teaching and writing papers... which would be terribly bleak and terribly grim in young Jess’s opinion.  Believing all of this to be true, Jess went on to do a “very practical” Bachelor of Business Management, and a Bachelor of Psychological Science.  Many years later, when Jess realised that office work was slowly killing her, Jess became a kayak guide on the West Coast of Canada.  Then she started volunteering with her local Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue unit.  Then she started working on a whale watching zodiac and the local water taxi.  One thing led to another, and one day Jess found herself working on an expedition cruise ship in Antarctica.  The following season found her in the Arctic.  Some things they say… are just meant to be.

Jess is thrilled to be part of Quark Expedition’s incredibly talented and multifaceted expedition team as she believes that there is always more to be experienced, and more to learn.  More importantly, she believes that everyone you meet has something to teach you, and working for Quark she learns something new every day.  Equally as much as Jess enjoys learning, she just loves watching people glide across the water in kayaks - silent, awestruck, smiling, at peace, and totally in the present moment.