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Liliana Schoenberger

About Liliana Schoenberger

Ornithology Presenter & Guide


Liliana’s perfect idea of summer is to spend it in the Arctic amongst her beloved little auks. In winter, she dreams of Antarctica, where she is reunited each year with penguins and albatross. Her passion for birds and adventures was hatched on the coast of the Baltic Sea in Gdańsk, Poland, where she was raised.

Her fascination with the Polar Regions led Liliana to join an expedition to the Polish Polar Station on Spitsbergen for a year. There, alongside 9 other researchers and 2 dogs, she admired the northern lights and polar bears, from a safe distance. A fresh PhD holder in the field of avian ecology, she has visited the Arctic each year since 2007; since 2012, she has also enjoyed adventures in the Antarctic.

Whether on deck, in a Zodiac, on shore or giving lectures, Liliana is more than happy to share her experience with, knowledge of and passion for wildlife. She also generously shares her love of good food, wine, music and books.