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Pierre Richard

About Pierre Richard

You may also see Pierre in the following role(s): Guide and Quark Academy Trainer
Originally from Quebec City, Pierre Richard now lives in Winnipeg, Canada. He moved there in 1981 to take a job with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. He met his wife there and had a fulfilling career working as a biologist and research scientist on Arctic whales and walrus. In 2005, he started working as an adventure guide in the Arctic and has loved doing so ever since.
Pierre joined Quark for his first Antarctic season in 2018. His field of expertise is in marine mammal biology, but Pierre is also an avid birdwatcher who loves to spend time on deck, in a Zodiac, or on land to observe both marine mammals and bird life! He encourages polar guests to be out as much as possible and avoid missing anything. Pierre enjoys interacting with them and sharing his observations and knowledge. He loves witnessing their amazement at the beauty and complexity of the Polar Regions. When he is not working with Quark, he enjoys travelling, birding, and guiding wherever opportunities arise. He also likes to hone his photographic skills on wildlife and landscapes. Pierre is fluent in French and English and speaks enough Spanish to get by during his travels in Latin America.