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Alexis Rappe

About Alexis Rappe

French Expedition Guide
You may also see Alexis in the following role(s): Expedition Guide
A linguist by profession, adventure seeker and traveller by passion, Alexis has worked and travelled on six of the world’s continents. Besides being a translator and interpreter, he is also an avid nature lover with a knack for conveying his passion and enthusiasm to those around him.
Alexis came from a quadrilingual family in Belgium, and he was very fortunate to have been dragged to the four corners of the earth by his globetrotting parents.  During his family travels, he quickly realized that traveling and discovering new things would become an integral part of his life. This urge to explore the globe led him to work and travel in Australia for over two years, cycle and eat his way through Southeast Asia and New Zealand for two years, and ski and snowkite on three continents. He is currently settled in eastern Canada but is already planning the move to the west coast with his family.
Unashamedly inquisitive and an unabashed lover of languages, Alexis is eager to explore the Polar Regions and interact with you in English, French, Dutch, German or Spanish.