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Andrew Macpherson

About Andrew Macpherson

Expedition Guide

A naturalist wildlife guide, Andy grew up immersed in the wilds around Vancouver Island, where he was in a unique position to explore to his heart’s content. Here he discovered a deep passion for wildlife and wild places.

With a background in environmental sciences, Andy started out in the guiding community as an ocean kayak guide on the Pacific Coast of Canada, and in the Caribbean, before branching out into canoeing and rafting in the barren lands of Northern Canada.

Drawn to these wild locations, he was able to satisfy his other passion, wildlife, while working intimately with a myriad of critters. During his work, Andy has had a wide variety of experiences with animals from paddling with orcas, grizzlies, and spirit bears in his home province of British Columbia, to stalking muskox and dancing with caribou in the Northwest Territories.

During the northern spring and summer months, Andy can be found taking intrepid guests out to walk with polar bears, swim with belugas, and paddle with narwhals around Hudson Bay and Baffin Island. With an easygoing personality and quick smile, he loves to share his knowledge and experience with any adventurous guest he finds himself guiding.