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Annie Allan

About Annie Allan

Mandarin Linguist


Having spent the first half of her life in China and the other half in the United Kingdom, Annie considers both countries her home. That unique combination of cultures, languages and ways of life has made her who she is today.

After earning a graduate degree in international relations from the University of Bath and falling in love with the city, she decided to stay for another year to pursue a postgraduate degree in interpreting and translating.

From the United Nations Office at Vienna to the world’s first cancer hospital, Annie has worked with international organizations and global companies in such varied fields as pharmaceutical trials, fictional and academic literature, food, website design, cinematography and e-sports tournaments. She has translated more than 800,000 words and counting.

Annie has sat in on meetings with industry leaders as well as vulnerable patients in the direst time of their life, and she treats them all with the same empathy, kindness and professionalism. You can trust her expertise as an interpreter and count on her as the go-to person when you are looking for help in general.

During her leisure time, Annie likes to read, write, paint watercolors and travel, all of which led her to join the Quark Expeditions team, so she can witness and record the rolling majesty of the White Continent.