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Ben Hutchinson

About Ben Hutchinson

Guest Services Representative


Born and raised on the “wild” West Coast of Canada, not too far from the city of Vancouver, in a small town of just 1,500 people, Ben grew up on nature’s doorstep. Surrounded by the Coastal Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, he quickly discovered a keen interest in all things nature. Growing up, he spent summers hiking or by the water; in winter, he was off to the mountains for snowshoeing and skiing.

Upon completing a business degree from Thompson Rivers University, Ben assumed a desk job in managerial accounting, but for someone who craved adventure and the outdoors, a desk job was an untenable situation. Handing in his notice, he packed his backpack and headed to Europe on his first overseas trip, and 12 years, 7 continents and 90-plus countries later, the adventure continues.

Along the way, Ben discovered a passion for sharing his love of travel with others and has led group tours around the world, showcasing some truly spectacular destinations. When not working with groups, he enjoys doing his own personal travels, often “settling down” in places such as London, Australia and, most recently, Berlin, where he studied German, though he quickly admits his mastery of the German language is “a work in progress.”