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Cedric Autut

About Cedric Autut

Expedition Guide
You may also see Cedric in the following role(s): Cultural Educator
Cedric lives in Rankin Inlet, located on the west coast of Hudson Bay, Nunavut, Canada. He is an Inuk who loves to eat raw frozen meat, including fermented beluga whale blubber. Hunting for his food, Cedric continues to live the way he learned as a child on outings with his family. He loves to share his knowledge of Inuit culture and heritage with others.
As a fellow adventurer, he advises you to buckle up and enjoy the scenery because you are in for an unforgettable journey.
He loves to watch the faces of polar plungers as they jump in the frigid waters of the High Arctic and Antarctica. Cedric's most memorable adventure with Quark was seeing Antarctica for the first time, and he looks forward to sharing those special moments with you.