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Daven Hafey

Daven Hafey

About Daven Hafey

Expedition Guide
You may also see Daven in the following role(s): Paddle Excursion Support and Quark Academy Trainer

A lover of all things wild, Daven has worked in the field of conservation ecology since 2005. He spent years as a US Park Ranger in Wyoming and Montana. He also worked as a field researcher studying grizzly bears in Alaska and African wild dogs, hyenas, and lions on the Zambia-Angola border. He began his career with Quark in 2015, immediately feeling at home in the Arctic and Antarctic surrounded by incredible colleagues and amazing wildlife.

He holds his 100 Ton Captain's license, which he has used to skipper commercial fishing boats in the southern Bering Sea and wildlife watching vessels on the North American west coast.

In addition to conservation ecology, Daven's passion is finding ways to communicate with a wide range of people about the shared world in which we live. He formerly directed a non-profit organization in Alaska whose mission was community-led conservation, wild salmon preservation, and indigenous rights advocacy. While there, he produced several award-winning films on the myriad human relationships with healthy rivers and wild salmon in Alaska.

Daven is also an accomplished woodworker, having grown up as the son of a Master Carpenter. He uses the trade to slow down, be quiet, and think creatively. Although wildlands and wildlife will always be where Daven feels most at home, he also has a profound interest in human history. When not aboard polar expedition ships, you will find Daven somewhere in the sun with a cup of coffee and a stack of history books.