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Floret Lyew

About Floret Lyew

Manager, Passenger Operations

Born in Jamaica, I was educated at an all-girls high school for 7 years. My first job after leaving school was at resort hotel, where, after 2 years of training, I was put in charge of reservations, which I did for 4 years before migrating to New York. I worked for a large Caribbean and South American tour operator for 7 years. In 1980, I joined Lindblad Travel, where I learned about expedition travel from the “maestro” himself: Lars Lindblad. Two years later, the Swedish shipping company bought the Lindblad Explorer, and Salen Lindblad Cruising was formed. In 1984, we operated the first passenger vessel to successfully navigate the Northwest Passage. Quark Expeditions emerged from Salen Lindblad in 1990. Those early years were exciting, as Quark Expeditions operated so many successful “first-ever” expeditions in Antarctica and the Arctic, and I am very happy I was a part of that.