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Johann Rodas Ruiz

About Johann Rodas Ruiz

Expedition Guide
You may also see Johann in the following role(s): Marine Biology Presenter and Paddle Excursion Support

Originally from the Colombian city of Medellín, Johann moved to “the end of the world,” Ushuaia, Argentina in 2015. He worked as a small animal veterinarian both in Colombia and Argentina. He has a degree in Animal Science and has always been interested in the physiology of mammals. His passion for animals, wildlife, nature, adventure, and the unknown has led him to explore the oceans and the Polar Regions.

Johann got his start with ocean exploration, when he and some adventurous friends took a series of expeditions aboard small vessels. They explored Cape Horn, The Drake Passage, the Chilean fjords, and even completed a trans-pacific crossing, and a voyage through the Northwest Passage. He fell in love with icy places and all the life hosted in them and in 2016 he started his career as a Polar Guide with Quark Expeditions. He has had many memorable experiences during each of his voyages onboard Quark’s vessels. Johann cannot pick a favorite experience, because of the numerous magical moments he has had during his time with Quark.

He loves watching polar guests standing quietly, wordless, with no camera in their hands, savoring memories that will last forever, and cherishing one-in-a-lifetime experiences in the polar regions. Johann looks forward to sharing his polar passion and knowledge with you.