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Justine Ryan

About Justine Ryan

History Presenter & Guide


Justine’s homeport is on the banks of the Thames in London, England but she always had a yearning for the sea proper. Born in Costa Rica to Canadian parents and raised in the Cayman Islands, Justine has been caught in an identity crisis (but only regarding countries that start with C). Aged 12, the family upped sticks and went sailing for a year around the world from Spain to Australia. For her last years of high school and university, she moved to the UK and had to learn how to live in a city! Her early sailing adventure cemented a love for travelling and understanding the world. Her passion for discovering new territories has only increased with time; amongst other trips, she has recently done two seasons in Antarctica, a journey on the trans-Siberian railway and six months in Cuba.

Justine graduated with a first-class history degree from the University of Oxford and is excited to share her enthusiasm and knowledge of history. When not reading niche history books, Justine trains as a boxer and currently holds an undefeated fighting record.