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Kataisee Attagutsiak

About Kataisee Attagutsiak

Cultural Educator


An Inuktitut linguist and adult educator, Kataisee can speak several Inuit dialects. For the majority of the year, she resides in the small town of Arctic Bay, Nunavut, where she was born and raised. Six years ago, she moved back to Arctic Bay to be closer to her mom (she’s her mom’s 12th child), an experience that has been like learning from a living university of Inuit culture. Kataisee’s mother, who recently celebrated her 99th birthday, has seen many changes in her lifetime and is not a typical Inuk: she taught traditional midwifery and mental wellness to medical students at several universities in Southern Canada for about 8 years, until her retirement 10 years ago.

Most of Kataisee’s teachings about Inuit culture are what she has learned from her mother, as well as from other elders across Nunavut, while spending more than 20 years working on Inuit language preservation. Her mother is a strong traditional teacher and her mentor, in what the Inuit call “passing on Inuit knowledge.”

This will be Kataisee’s fifth year and fourth Arctic voyage with Quark Expeditions as an Inuit Cultural Educator, and she hopes you will enjoy both her and her mother’s teachings as much as she has enjoyed learning them first-hand.