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Leanne Ong

About Leanne Ong

Mandarin Linguist


Leanne was born and raised in Singapore, the heart of Asia. After graduating from the National University of Singapore and working for the Singaporean government for 2 years, she moved to Japan for half a year to study in Okayama and work in rural Biei, Hokkaido, where she fell in love with the region’s natural beauty. She has also lived in New York City. Her thirst to see the world led her to join a well-known major cruise line as an entertainment administrator, enabling her to travel to over 35 countries in 3 years.

With the draw of exploring the Polar Regions too great to ignore, Leanne joined Quark Expeditions as a linguist.

Fluent in English, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese, her life goal is to master 5 languages and finish off the world map.