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Liz MacNeil

About Liz MacNeil

Expedition Guide
You may also see Liz in the following role(s): Sea Kayak Guide and Paddle Excursion Guide
Although she hails from the mountains of North Carolina, Liz comes from a long line of seafarers and grew up with a keen desire to be in the outdoors and on the water. After experiencing her first paddling trip at age eleven, she knew that guiding and water were her destiny. At Sierra Nevada College, Liz excelled both in academics and the outdoor world, which catapulted her into the world of outdoor education and guiding. Since 2003, Liz has been professionally guiding, instructing, and developing trips and courses for various schools, organizations and commercial outfitters all over the world, leaving her wake in every ocean, while continuing to explore new waterways and places, in both her personal & professional life.
After multiple seasons guiding in Alaska, Liz began working on ships in the Polar Regions in 2018, leaving an everlasting imprint on her life. As a guide, Liz loves watching guests have personal, intimate experiences, surrounded by marine life and overwhelming icy splendor! Liz is also fluent in Spanish and has spent many years living and working in Latin America, exploring the depths of the marine world, various tropical forests, and immersing herself in the local communities.
Although “home” normally becomes wherever she lays her head at night, Liz finds herself back in beautiful Lake Tahoe to visit family and friends. When not leading trips, she can be found paddling, working on her mountain property, singing monster rock ballads at open mics or karaoke, and breaking taco-eating records in obscure port towns.