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Nicholas (Nick) Andrew

About Nicholas (Nick) Andrew

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A retired Australian special forces officer, Nick has served with elite military units around the globe, living with interesting cultures and exploring remote, wonderful locales. Nick’s military career equipped him with leadership and management skills, honed in some of the most complex environments on earth, and provided him with the mateship, teamwork and shared adversity that he finds highly rewarding. His appreciation of silently soaking in his surroundings is credited to his time in the military.
Raised in outback Northern Territory, Australia, Nick grew up in the wilderness, with a passion for the outdoors. He expresses his creativity through his photography, cinematography and design, relishing opportunities to capture fleeting moments in unique and challenging environments. When not in the Polar Regions, he runs his own commercial cinematography and photography business and works as a management consultant for an international consulting firm.
Nick is passionate about offering fellow adventurers the chance to explore the uniquely stunning Polar Regions.