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Paul Scriver

About Paul Scriver

SUP Guide


Paul got his first canoe paddle as soon as he could hold it and has been adventuring outdoors ever since. He began his career in the adventure travel industry at an early age, guiding whitewater canoe trips in remote regions of Canada. This cemented his love of the outdoors and sharing his passion with others. Paul continued to explore the far reaches of the Canadian Arctic and the Polar Regions as guide during his summer breaks while studying geological sciences at Queen’s University. After completing his degree, Paul began working as an independent sales rep for a number of paddle-sport manufacturers, which allowed him to meld his love of the outdoors with the enjoyment he gets from instruction and sales.

Having traveled all over Canada, guiding 2- to 3-week self-supported expeditions, Paul was excited when the opportunity to go to Antarctica as a geology presenter and kayak guide presented itself in 2013. After many seasons sailing in the Antarctic, Canadian Arctic and Svalbard, Paul still gets a thrill embarking on each expedition.

These days, Paul splits his time between the Polar Regions and the coast of Hudson Bay, where he works as a guide on walking tours with polar bears. He looks forward to sharing his passion for paddling and his interest in geology and glaciers with you.