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Ross Howatson

About Ross Howatson

Presenter & Expedition Guide


Ross holds a Yachtmaster Offshore certification as well as various coastal navigation accreditations. During the summer months “down under,” he works as a naturalist polar guide/Zodiac driver in Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands; during summer in the Northern Hemisphere, his compass has him heading to the Arctic regions, such as Svalbard, Greenland and the Canadian High Arctic, as a polar bear guard and naturalist guide.

A blue-water sailor at heart, Ross has accumulated thousands of miles sailing offshore, including circumnavigating Canada’s Vancouver Island, sailing the South China Sea and crossing the northern Pacific Ocean in a home-built Wharram catamaran. Oddly enough, he also collects Italian motorcycles from the 1980s. Should you have any in your shed, please let him know.

Ross hopes you share his interest and intrigue in the Polar Regions, particularly the explorers, adventurers, and cultures of the people who both thrived and suffered in this most humbling and awe-inspiring location we endeavor to visit.