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Samuel Riley

About Samuel Riley

Expedition Guide


Wildly passionate about the living world, Sam is an avid birdwatcher, wildlife photographer, scuba diver and all-around naturalist. Growing up in Seattle, his interests were sparked wading through tide pools with his father, and scouring the diverse environments of Washington state for birds, butterflies and reptiles, with an unlikely and inspirational neighbor. Delving into his passions at an early age, he began participating in international bird banding and herpetological biodiversity surveys in Ecuador and Peru when he was 15 years old, further inspiring yet another passion for world travel.

Since then, Sam has earned a Bachelor of Science in Ecosystem Science and Policy from the University of Miami; worked as a scuba instructor up and down the east coast of Australia; been involved with primate and sea turtle studies in a remote region of Equatorial Guinea; traveled extensively, searching for and photographing wildlife; and more recently entered the incredible world of expedition cruising.

Sam is fascinated by anything living, and he loves to share his knowledge of and passion for marine and terrestrial environments with others. Particularly insightful about birds and marine life, he excels at helping people connect with the natural world.