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Victor Serov

About Victor Serov

Presenter & Expedition Guide


Victor was born in St. Petersburg (Leningrad at that time), Russia. In youth he read lots of books about explorers and faraway countries and was dreaming about adventures and expeditions. Being a student, he started training in mountaineering and skiing. At that time a book of Vladimir Sanin “A beginner in Antarctica” inspired him so much that he set a lifetime goal to visit Antarctica. Following his goal Victor got a job of a geophysicist at the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Waves Propagation. His dream came true in 1981 – he wintered over at the Soviet Antarctic Station Novolazarevskaya as a scientist. After that he was offered a job at the Arctic Antarctic Research Institute. Polar life started.

Between 1982 -89 Victor used to lead geophysical expeditions to the russian Arctic islands and archipelagos and wintered on the drifting ice floor in the Arctic Ocean at a scientific station NP-26 (1983-84). New wintering in Antarctica took place during 1989-90. This time it was at the Pole of the Cold – Russian Station Vostok. Victor worked as a scientist. The International dog sled expedition Trans-Antarctica had been carried out during this season and Victor was also involved in the logistics support from the Soviet side.

In 1992 Victor was a guide of the first ever tourist expedition to the Geographic North Pole (with helicopters from the Russian Arctic). After that Victor used to guide 22 ski (last degree) trips to the North Pole. On millennium (1999-2000) Victor was a guide in the Antarctic Ski Expedition from Hercules Inlet to the South Pole.

Between 2006-2012 Victor got a position of the General Manager of The Antarctic Company based in Cape Town, South Africa. He was busy with logistics support of private and tourist expeditions to the Antarctic Continent. He used to fly to the South Pole with tourist groups himself, developed new ski and all-terrain vehicle routes on the Continent. He also represented the Company at the IAATO.

In 2014 Victor was lecturing at the Poseidon Expedition’s Cruise Vessel “Sea Explorer” (Ushuaia-Falkland Islands-South Georgia-Antarctic Peninsular-King George Island- Ushuaia).

Since 2014 until now Victor holds a position of an expedition leader at the Ice Camp „BARNEO“, providing support to the tourist and scientific activities in the area of the Geographic North Pole.

His deep knowledge and experience in the extreme expeditions allowed him to realize many other projects on all Continents of the Planet. Victor, fascinated by travel and Polar Regions, always takes video camera with him and makes movies.

When not in high latitudes Victor organizes and guides the climbing and adventure trips all over the World.

He is a member of the Explorer’s Club (New York), Russian Academy of Tourism, Russian Geographical Society and the Consulting Committee of the World Encyclopedia of Travel.