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Viktor Myazov

About Viktor Myazov

Balloon Pilot/Guide


As the son of a military officer, Viktor dreamed of the sky and becoming a pilot. By the age of 16, he had undertaken his first parachute jump. By age 18, he had qualified for entrance to Master of Sports, and then went on to become a Master of Parachute Sport and a skydiving instructor.

In 1990, Viktor enrolled in Russia’s top military helicopter pilot academy. After graduating, he worked in some of the most remote and dangerous parts of the country. After 5 years of service, he resigned from the military to concentrate on hot air ballooning. He joined Chkalov, the very first ballooning company in the Samara region, and began flying hot air balloons full time.

Not satisfied with simply mastering “air sport,” Viktor tried his hand at “extreme air sport” in the form of BASE jumping. He quickly became addicted, and currently has about 60 BASE jumps and over 1,600 parachute jumps to his name and is still jumping.

He describes the sport as follows: “Athletes simply push their minds and bodies to great lengths for sport, for fun, or perhaps to maintain their health. Extreme athletes push their minds and bodies to the farthest possible limit of human ability while simultaneously risking their lives.”

In 1998, Viktor made his debut on the Russian television show Extreme Sport. Having caught the attention of Moscow producers with his aerial antics, Viktor moved to Moscow. Despite his fame, he grew tired of city life and returned to Samara as the president of the hot air ballooning federation. In that role, he ran annual festivals, both regional and interstate.

In 2005, Viktor managed Yellow Submarine, the biggest event in Russian hot air ballooning history. For 3 years, he piloted a specially shaped hot air balloon over 60 Russian cities. People have seen him flying from Red Square in Moscow, as well as from St. Petersburg and many more iconic Russia locations.

More recently, Viktor started a new adventure by immigrating to Australia with the love of his life. As a commercial pilot, he has flown throughout Australia, but he now works as a senior pilot with Melbourne’s Picture This Ballooning.