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Claire Wallace

About Claire Wallace

Expedition Guide
You may also see Claire in the following role(s): Secondary Presenter

Claire grew up on the edge of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada. She quickly developed a passion for the outdoors, traveling, and guiding, which propelled her on a path toward the Polar Regions. Claire started her guiding career in the rugged and testing wild corners of Iceland, where she spent 5 seasons working as a rappelling and horse-trekking guide. An avid champion of solo female travel, she has visited over 70 countries and all 7 continents.

A dual Canadian-Swiss citizen, Claire has been working as a polar expedition guide throughout the Arctic and Antarctic since 2015. She has guided extensively in the Arctic regions of Iceland, Canada, Greenland, Svalbard and northern Europe, as well as in the Caribbean. Claire also works as a sea kayak guide in the Antarctic and enjoys the quiet experience that paddling affords.

Claire holds a Master’s degree in Polar Law, specializing in geopolitics and legal matters pertaining to the Polar Regions. Her research has led her to live in Iceland, China and Greenland for extended periods of time. These placements provided her with a comprehensive circumpolar overview of both the Arctic and the Antarctic regions, their future challenges, and potential geopolitical conflicts.

From her professional and academic experience, Claire has developed a deep passion for the natural world and the Polar Regions. She now lives in British Columbia where she loves to mountain bike, ski, and kayak in the rugged backcountry of Canada.

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