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Colin Souness

About Colin Souness

Geology & Glaciology Presenter


Colin grew up in the western Highlands of Scotland and has been inspired by wilderness areas for as long as he can remember. He has a particular love for mountains – the more rugged the better – and has spent much of his life developing his relationship with highland areas and bettering his understanding of the processes that shape them. This love of peaks led Colin to study geography, eventually specializing in glaciology, and he now holds an MA (Edinburgh University), an M.Sc. and a PhD (Aberystwyth University) in this field. It was ice, after all, that sculpted the Scottish Highlands, long before kilted warriors made their home there.

Colin served for a time in the British Royal Air Force (where he was first trained in the use of firearms) and has also seen a number of years of service in the U.K.’s Royal National Lifeboat Association as a crewman working inshore search and rescue. It was here that he learned to operate watercraft.

Scotland lies on the fringes of the Arctic, and so the Polar Regions have always held a fascination for Colin. It was in the marginal Arctic (Iceland) where Colin first set foot upon a glacier in 2007. Since then, he has explored much farther afield, conducting glaciological fieldwork in Greenland, participating as a climber and crewman on the British Antarctic Mountaineering Expedition (2004), crewing an unsupported 3-man sailing expedition across the North Atlantic in 2010 (from Greenland to Scotland) and subsequently working around the Antarctic Peninsula and throughout the Arctic region with Quark Expeditions. Other areas in which Colin has either pursued glaciological study or led expeditions include the Himalayas, the Swiss Alps, the Falkland Islands, the Russian Caucasus and Kamchatka.

When not working for Quark, Colin pursues his own mountaineering adventures and writes about his experiences. He is also a commercially licensed helicopter pilot and chases opportunities to chop air whenever possible.