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Keenan Dennehy

About Keenan Dennehy

Expedition Guide


When Keenan was a child, a map of Earth hung in his room. The Far North, south and the remote islands of the oceans captured his imagination, and he has been striving to make those places more than lines on a map ever since.

This journey has brought Keenan to the shores of the Northwest Passage, driving down the coast to repair abandoned machines as polar bears waited out the summer for the return of the ice; to the Beaufort Sea, alone in a kayak as pans of ice blocked his path while grizzlies and caribou patrolled the shores; to northern Labrador, where he exchanged the joy of surfing for exposure to ancient cultural traditions and skills; and to the great white desert of the polar plateau, where his skis crossed paths with those of the great explorers, past and present.

Most at home in the cold, Keenan was born and raised in the Yukon, in Canada’s Subarctic, a land of limitless boreal forest, wide valleys and deep freezes. In 2016, he pushed farther north, as a mechanic and guide on Somerset Island in the Canadian High Arctic. That led him to the other end of the world, working in West Antarctica and the South Pole. When not working in the Polar Regions, Keenan organizes his own expeditions, in search of waves to surf, in cold and remote parts of the globe.

Now Keenan is looking to share his love for the Polar Regions with you, by sea. You’ll find him piloting your Zodiac, helping you discover these faraway places and the magic they hold.