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Naomi Box

Polar Travel Adviser

Naomi’s enthusiasm for travel is limitless, and she puts this passion into practice as one of Quark’s expert Polar Travel Advisers. At a young age she spent a month attending school in Australia where she caught the travel bug. She has now worked in the travel industry for many years both in Canada and in the UK. She has been to over 20 + countries, visited the 7th continent in February 2012 and travelled to the Arctic this past June. Her goal in life is to help each traveller discover how can bring their own economical, environmental and social benefits to any destination. 

What advice do you have for the first time passengers?

Rest assured you’re in good hands with Quark. When you take your first trip to the Polar Regions it is completely normal to experience a wide range of emotions: excitement, anxiety, overwhelming happiness, uncertainty etc. As Polar Travel Advisers, we are dedicated not only to knowing these regions intimately, but helping you plan your once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Top 3 things to pack: 

  1. Polarized sun glasses
  2. Binoculars
  3. Your sense of adventure