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Annie Inglis

Marine Biologist

Annie feels greatly privileged to be returning to the Antarctic for her fourteenth year on polar ships and she continues to be amazed, and humbled, by the beauty of this remote area. Annie will be sharing her particular interest in Antarctic mammals, helping you to better understand and appreciate these well-adapted animals of the Southern Ocean.

Originally from outback Australia, a far cry from these icy environs, Annie moved to Melbourne for education in sciences and management.  After living and working in the UK, she returned to Australia for her career, further studies and much better weather.  Annie’s love of travel has taken her on numerous adventures to some far-flung places including the Galapagos Islands, Nepal, Madagascar, Tibet and a solo cycling trip covering much of Europe.   

Back home in bayside Melbourne Annie enjoys bush walking, camping, cycling and basically anything immersing her in the natural environment.  Her penchant for all things nautical has also led her to learn to scuba dive and gain her commercial skipper’s licence. 

Annie has undertaken over 190 Polar voyages, spending more time in Antarctica and the Arctic than on Australian terra firma.  With this experience, and her passion and knowledge of the wildlife and ecology of the Polar regions, she is delighted to share your adventure to the far south.