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Annie Inglis

Operations Leader

"Polar ecology is not only part of my work, but it is my passion," says Operation Guide, Annie Inglis. The Australian shares her passion for plants, wildlife and landscape with guests aboard our vessels. Her enthusiasm is infectious!

With well over a hundred and twenty voyages to Polar Regions, Annie has spent the majority of the last nine years in the Arctic and Antarctica. These icy environs are a far cry from growing up in the bush of the Australian outback and from her Melbourne home. A background in health sciences and a heart for adventure travel have been part of the 'seas sailed' before joining the polar shipboard team.

Annie also works in the Galapagos Islands between the polar seasons. Annie's experience, passion and enthusiasm for the wildlife, flora and ecology will be shared with those who venture to these remote latitudes. "I continue to be amazed, and humbled, by the beauty of this wilderness".

What keeps you coming back season after season?

"This is the best job in the world! Being able to help fulfill people's expectations of a holiday of a lifetime and seeing their eyes and minds open to the beauty of the polar regions. Personally, the Arctic and Antarctic are the two most exquisite ares on the planet. From the smallest Arctic saxifrage to the colossal Southern Right Whale and the deepest cerulean of a sculptured iceberg. It is a true privilege to work in these environments."

If you could time travel, which historic expedition would you join, and why?

"The expeditions led by (George) Hubert Wilkins. His humility, leadership and compassion set him apart from many explorers. He showed unfathomable determination in his exploration, diligence in his scientific commitment and courage in his wartime photographic work. HIs expeditions discovered more previously unknown land and sea than any other in the 20th century."

Annie's advice to Polar Travelers

"If you've dreamed of going to the polar regions, take the opportunity to do it now. Who knows what obstacles life my throw your way in the future. Not going, should not be a regret to ponder over later in life."