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Having a Positive Impact


Quark Expeditions aims to inspire and empower our guests and partners to make positive change, the collective impact of which can be greater than our operational impact. Quark Expeditions will facilitate and capture the positive impact of past guests as part of the Polar Ambassador Program.

Polar Ambassador Program Launch

As ambassadors of the polar regions since 1991, Quark Expeditions takes our responsibility to educate our guests about the unique environments that we help them discover seriously. We make it our goal not just to escort travelers safely and comfortably to these wondrous places, but to do so in a way that engages, informs and inspires them so that they return home as more aware, and more committed, environmental citizens.

Our ships are much more than just a means to help people reach these destinations, they are also platforms for education. We employ top experts in ornithology, biology, geology, glaciology and history as part of our on-board community. They engage with guests and answer their questions about what they are seeing and why it is so important. Beyond just observing unique wildlife, for example, Quark Expeditions’ guests also come to understand the changing environmental conditions that influence the lives of these creatures and the ongoing effects on their habitats. Our trips are not just designed to help people reach these incredible places, but also to help them understand the role these regions play in the life of our planet.

At the conclusion of our expeditions, passengers regularly ask, “What can I do to stay involved? How can I help protect these places?” In response, Quark Expeditions created the Polar Ambassador program, a voluntary program designed to allow guests to remain involved in polar conservation in their own unique ways after they depart. The program harnesses their creativity, intelligence, and passion and builds a global, diverse community that works together towards polar conservation by taking individual actions to reduce their environmental footprint. The program is a tangible way for our guests to understand and share their positive environmental impacts once they’ve returned from a trip with us.

A pilot of the Polar Ambassador program was run on Ocean Adventurer during the Arctic 2019 season, with 17 Polar Ambassadors signing up. These committed individuals are taking action, such as hosting workshops on plastic pollution, presenting to weekly lunch groups, and donating to conservation charities. A full program is being run during the 2019/20 Antarctic season.

For information about how to become a Polar Ambassador, please email