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David “Woody” Wood

Expedition Leader

Also known as Woody, this Australian is a historian with an unquenchable passion for travelling through and sharing the marvels of the polar regions. Woody comes to the Polar Regions via a strange path. He has spent time working in a major Pediatrics Hospital, has degrees in political science and law, and chooses to spend as much time as possible onboard a ship heading into the ice!

His love of the ocean and the wild places at the extremes of the planet has resulted in a lifetime at sea either in the North or South for the last nine years. He is passionate about the landscapes, ice, wildlife and history of these special places and delights in sharing his interests with passengers.

Woody invites you to come and be astonished, amazed and enchanted by the polar regions.

What about keeps you coming back season after season?

"This is no job! Sailing in the polar regions is a special privilege, a passion and a pleasure. A unique and extreme environment with special inhabitants is always fascinating and surprising and always leaves you wanting more..."

What historic expedition would you like to join, and why?

"Nansen's Fram expedition. For his planning, self reliance, calculated risk taking and adventurous spirit."

Woody's advice for Polar Travelers

"These are special challenging environments which are awesome. They have to be seen and experienced to be understood and appreciated. An expedition cruise is the only way to do it."