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Amalia (Amy) Goodall

About Amalia (Amy) Goodall

Expedition Coordinator
You may also see Amalia in the following role(s): Expedition Guide and Guest Services Manager

Amy was born in Ushuaia, Argentina, and grew up on a traditional Patagonian estancia (ranch). From a young age, she developed a strong passion for wilderness and outdoor activities. With a bachelor’s degree in tourism and a master’s in environmental management, she worked as a naturalist guide in Tierra del Fuego for several years. In 2008, she joined Quark Expeditions, and was instantly hooked on expedition travel.

Amy loves the sense of wildness and solitude of the Polar Regions. Her advice to first-time adventure travelers is to occasionally, put down your camera and take a minute to soak it all in. Experience this unique environment with all your senses: the sound of the ice crackling, the scent of the tundra, the vastness of the landscape, the texture of a feather or a piece of qiviut. These simple moments create powerful memories that cannot always be captured on film.

When not at work, Amy escapes the crowds and might be found hiking, climbing or backcountry skiing in the Fuegian Andes, or planning her next adventure in warmer latitudes.