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Christian Geissler

About Christian Geissler

Expedition Coordinator
You may also see Christian in the following role(s): Marine Biology Presenter and Expedition Guide

Christian Geissler was born and raised on the west coast of Canada. As a child he always had a passion for the ocean and the incredible wildlife it contains. This passion led him to study at the University of Victoria where he received a BSc in Marine Biology and minored in Environmental Science. He has spent most of his life working on the ocean as a Biologist, Skipper, Environmental Consultant, Adventure Guide and Expedition Leader.

Christian has been working with Quark since 2004, when he joined the team as a guide and marine biology lecturer for his first Antarctic season. Since then, he has completed over 100 voyages with Quark which have taken him to Antarctica and various corners of the Arctic, all the way to the North Pole. During the off-season he spent 17 years working as a guide on Vancouver Island where he worked with the southern resident population of killer whales. He has a passion for these animals that is incomparable with anything else in his life. Since July of 2019, Christian has been involved in a distribution and abundance study of narwhals in Eclipse Sound, Baffin Island. Flying around the area to count whales has given him a new perspective and appreciation of the Arctic landscape.

He currently lives in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island tucked conveniently between the Pacific Ocean and Mt. Washington where he indulges in many of his favorite past times from skiing to mountain biking to fishing and surfing. Christian is also a part-time professional artist, with much of his work depicting the incredible wildlife found in the Polar Regions.