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Raise a Glass and Stay Connected: Free Wi-Fi and Alcohol on Our Expedition Cruise Ships

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As travelers, we’ve all been there: you’ve just taken the most amazing photograph ever and you want to share it immediately with your family and friends back home. But sometimes—depending on the destination or your circumstances—you’re faced with a challenge: that must-have Internet connection—the one that will enable you to share your unforgettable travel moment with your bestie—is elusive or too expensive. It’s not so much that you won’t be able to eventually share your great photograph, but you’ve lost that golden opportunity to share “the moment.” 

Guests who travel to the Arctic or Antarctic with Quark Expeditions won’t have those challenges as of Antarctic 2024/25.

A large polar bear on the ice in Svalbard, Norwegian High Arctic
A polar bear prowling along the ice edge in Svalbard in the Norwegian High Arctic. Photograph by Acacia Johnson, Quark Expeditions


Free Wi-Fi for guests of Quark Expeditions 

As of the Antarctic 2024/25 season (which starts in November 2024), each Quark Expeditions guest will be able to log onto the ship’s Wi-Fi service (one device at a time) at no cost. This complimentary Wi-Fi service will permit basic Internet browsing, texting, emails, posting on social media and voice applications. (Premium packages are available for more data-intensive applications.)  

Screen of mobile phone showing selfie photograph of male and female traveler on a polar expedition cruise ship
Quark Expeditions’ free Wi-Fi service begins in November 2024. Photograph by Acacia Johnson, Quark Expeditions 

Posting and sharing photographs while exploring the Arctic and Antarctic

I know from first-hand experience the wonders of staying connected with loved ones while exploring the Arctic and Antarctic with Quark Expeditions. I recall how awestruck my young nephews—who eagerly followed my voyage through Spitsbergen from their home in Canada—were so excited when I posted a photograph of a polar bear taken from the deck of our ship. We’d just embarked from the port of Longyearbyen when our Expedition Leader Woody announced over the PA system that there was a mama polar bear hunting along the ice edge. Emailing my nephews, and posting photographs of the majestic polar bear on Facebook, probably counted as the best gifts I could ever give to these two budding naturalists. And I was able to connect with them at various points during my expedition through the Norwegian High Arctic. 

Then in November of 2022, while traveling on our new ship Ultramarine, I earned my travel stripes once more by posting pictures of dozens of penguins sliding off the snow banks into the waters of the Antarctic. On another day, I was able to message my whale-obsessed friend Emily to say I’d just spotted eight whales (mostly humpback) within a 30-minute period. Her disbelief evaporated when I followed up with photos of the mammoth cetaceans.


A group of 10 penguins sliding off the ice into the cold blue waters of the Antarctic.
Penguins playfully sliding into the Antarctic waters. Photograph by Dave Merron, Quark Expeditions


As of our Antarctic 2024/25 season, you’ll be able to do the same on your expedition cruise with Quark Expeditions by using our free Wi-Fi service. You’ll not only stay connected with your friends and family as you explore the pristine Polar Regions—but our complimentary Wi-Fi can be your way of bringing them along with you on your polar journey. And who doesn’t want to share experiences of a lifetime with those who matter most! 

Free Bar Service for guests traveling with Quark Expeditions

Because Quark Expeditions’ fleet of small polar vessels carry a maximum of 199 guests, there’s an almost instant camaraderie and intimacy that you won’t get on larger cruise ships. Within your first day or two of your expedition, you’ll be on first-name basis with many of your fellow guests, as well as with members of the Expedition Team. That invariably means you’ll spend time together on ship sharing your day’s adventures, showing one another favourite wildlife photographs taken during your off-ship adventures—quite possibly over a drink in one of the on-ship bars or lounges.   

Server with tray of cocktails and alcoholic drinks standing beside seated man and woman on polar expedition cruise ship.
As of November 2024, guests on Quark Expeditions voyages will enjoy free bar service on their polar voyage. Photograph by Acacia Johnson, Quark Expeditions


Great news! As of our Antarctic 2024/25 sailing season, beer, standard wines and spirits, as well as cocktails, will be available to guests at no charge during bar service hours and dinner as part of our “Raise a Glass and Stay Connected” campaign. This complimentary bar service is available to all guests. 

Just as our free Wi-Fi will help you stay connected with friends and family, our complimentary bar service helps you connect and spend time with your fellow guests on your voyage.  After all, making connections is one of the most memorable experiences of exploring remote parts of the Arctic and Antarctic regions with like-minded travelers.  

A woman sits on deck of a polar ship with laptop computer while looking out at icebergs
A Quark Expeditions guest stays connected with family and friends back at home. Photograph by Michelle Sole, Quark Expeditions


“Our team is dedicated to redefining expectations and shaping an unparalleled guest experience,” says Beth Mercier, Senior Director of Global Partnership Sales for Quark Expeditions. “In the upcoming Arctic 2024 season, we continue our unwavering commitment to elevating our world-class services. Our free bar service complements the exquisite cuisine, impeccable service and rejuvenating spa experiences that resonate with our guests. In addition, guests can now share these extraordinary polar expedition moments with family and friends in real-time through our complimentary Wi-Fi.”     We invite all guests, as of our Antarctic 2024/25, to raise a glass and stay connected as our seasoned team continues to craft seamless and enriching experiences for polar explorers just like you!  

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