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Quark Expeditions is the recognized Leader in Polar Adventure travel. Since 1991, Quark Expeditions has achieved numerous polar milestones: the first polar operator to take commercial travelers to the North Pole; the first to take travelers to the far side of Antarctica; the first to introduce hot air ballooning at the North Pole; and the first to enable guests to witness a solar eclipse in Antarctica. Quark Expeditions is recognized for its diverse fleet of passenger vessels and ice-breakers, and offers the widest variety of itineraries and off-ship adventure than any other company in the Polar Regions.

Unsolicited employment requests will not receive a response. Quark Expeditions does not hire for ship hotel and catering positions.

Working at Quark Expeditions

Careers - Expedition Team
Expedition Team
Expedition Guides and Education Team

Quark Expeditions’ Guides and Education Team are Polar-passionate and seasoned veterans with rich backgrounds in marine biology, penguinology, history, geology, wildlife, glaciology and more. Many are skilled in guiding activities such Zodiac cruising, kayaking, hiking, photography and mountaineering.

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Careers - Expedition Team
Careers - Corporate Team
Corporate Team
Operations, Finance, IT, Marketing, Sales and Product Innovation

Members of our corporate team—even though they spend their working days thousands of miles from the Arctic or Antarctic—become deeply connected to the Polar Regions. A tightknit group of dynamic leaders who excel in their respective fields,  members of Quark Expeditions’ Corporate Team embrace a “We Go Together” credo. Teamwork is in their DNA. Our corporate team is a good fit for seasoned executives who succeed outside their comfort zone. At heart, they are explorers.

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Careers - Corporate Team