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Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves: Evelyn Hannon

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Join us as we revisit some of our most memorable blog posts and celebrate women who have carved out their own journey around the world, in the Polar Regions.


Journey Woman – Solo Trip to Antarctica

In this post, we revisit Evelyn Hannon's voyage to Antarctica as a solo female traveler on one of our nimble, small expedition ships. Evelyn recounts this special experience on her blog post My Best Solo Travel Experience of the Year, where she provides travel resources and inspiration to female travelers of all ages. Below, she shares some details of her experience traveling solo to Antarctica.

"Over many, many years I've traveled many miles to many, many destinations. My solo trips were taken totally on my own or alone within a group. I have had some pretty incredible experiences so when I was contemplating my best solo travel experiences of this year, you can be sure my winner had to surpass some pretty wonderful journeys."

Incredible Wildlife in Antarctica

"From the ship and during our twice daily Zodiac excursions the Antarctic unfolded in incredible ways. To me the sights were so surreal that words can never adequately describe my experience. The notes in my diary say, 'This feels as if I've stepped into a National Geographic Magazine.' I saw humpback whales, a pod of 16 orca whales cavorting with their babies, arctic birds including the famous wandering albatross. I identified spotted sea leopards, dolphins, and lazy seals basking in the sun. There were colonies of chinstrap penguins and Gentoo penguins, ice floes, turquoise-infused iceberg sculptures, and shockingly clear bright blue skies that could switch to foreboding gray in moments.

Chinstraps are one of the numerous species of penguins guests will see in abundance during polar voyages to Antarctica with Quark Expeditions

Antarctica - A Photographer's Paradise

I cruised in and around an iceberg graveyard. I watched penguin chicks being born. There was opportunity to photograph an old whaling station in the midst of a harsh desolate landscape. I paid my respects at the graves of yesteryears explorers. One shore excursion stopped at a British research station where I was able to mail a letter to myself postmarked 'British Antarctic Territory.' And, it arrived at my home a month later. The Antarctic is a photographer's paradise. Thankfully, I have photos to prove I was actually there."

Solo Travel for Women

Inspired? Curious about taking your own expedition to the Polar Regions?

There are many diverse expedition options for women, and for women solo travelers. In fact, single and solo travelers can even take advantage of No Single Supplement pricing on voyages on Ocean Endeavour Single Inside cabins.

Whether to the Arctic or Antarctica, contact a Polar Travel Adviser to get started planning your own expedition!

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