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Take a Polar Plunge with Quark Expeditions and Stop Kids Cancer Cold

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It takes a special type of person to do a polar plunge – and we want you to jump in with us! Quark Expeditions is participating in the Great Canadian Chill, a popular polar bear dip event to raise awareness and money to battle children's cancer.

These plunges take place in various venues across Canada, but Quark will be participating in Toronto, Canada, and during our Antarctic expeditions.

The Polar Plunge: Know before you go

Polar plunge in Antarctica

The polar plunge in Antarctica is almost a rite of passage. Guests can sign up to, one by one, plunge safely into the frigid Southern Ocean. Our trained staff are there to help you into the water – and out again – quickly!

Some participants have brought bathing suits (or even bikinis!) while others choose to take the plunge in shorts and a t-shirt. It's best to wear light clothing, to avoid weighing yourself down with water-logged long shirts or pants.

Polar plungers meet on the deck in robes and slippers to prepare. Brave participants are then invited one-by-one into a Zodiac beside the ship, where they're clipped on to a safety line and supervised by team members. From the side of the Zodiac, it's just a short leap into the icy waters off Antarctica!

The polar plunge can be a big shock to the system, so our staff are ready to help reel you back in and warm you up with a bathrobe and a warming drink (if you should be so inclined).

Here's a short video from one of our previous polar plunges:

It's definitely cold, but it's a lot of fun! Freezing cold water, beautiful surroundings, icebergs in the background – it's an experience you will never forget!

Don't worry, you won't be alone in braving the elements. Our polar plunge is a ship-wide event and typically, anyone who chooses to sit it out will be cheering you on from the deck. Afterwards, relax and warm up in the hot tub with your fellow plungers.

You may spend as little time in the water as you desire. You lose body heat much faster in the cold water than you do out of it, so we recommend a quick dip – get in, get out and get warm! Make sure you have warm, dry clothes to wear later.


A Polar Plunge for an Awesome Cause – How You & Quark Can Help

Quark Expeditions is committed to supporting Stopping Kids Cancer Cold. While a big goal of this event is to have fun, we are also donating $1, until 16 February 2015, for everyone on board our ships who takes the plunge. Funds raised are designated for research, treatment and support programs for children and their families, living with and beyond cancer.

We invite you to take the polar plunge with us. As far as cool events go, they don't get much cooler than this!

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