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Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves: Claire Wallace

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Join us as we revisit some of our most memorable blog posts and celebrate women who have carved out their own journey around the world, including the Polar Regions.


Claire Wallace - Championing Solo Female Travel

Claire Wallace is a dual Canadian and Swiss citizen, born and raised in Alberta, Canada. She is passionate about the outdoors, traveling the world and of course polar guiding – which has led her on many wild and unexpected travel adventures.

Claire spent 5 years working as a rappelling and horse treking guide in the north of Iceland and completing a degree in political science and history. She champions solo female travel and has ticked 38 counties off her travel bucket list. Her love of travel has seen her hold many odd jobs in various continents. She has worked as an ESL teacher, a sheep farmer, a sea turtle conservationist, an assistant auditor and mountain hut caretaker. She is a hodgepodge of quirks and talents who loves meeting new people, practicing her 5 languages and sharing in adventures with other intrepid explorers. Claire now works as a guide for Quark and is always keen to share her passion for polar environments and sustainability with others.


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Traveling Solo Doesn't Mean Traveling Alone

Vacations aren't supposed to be stressful. Yet sometimes we create stress for ourselves by planning an overly elaborate trip at an overly crowded destination, going to great lengths to please everyone.

Here's a solution: reward yourself by traveling on your own, to one of the most remote (and fun) locations on Earth – Antarctica!


Don't be concerned about traveling to the Polar Regions alone. You won't be the only one. It's a growing trend, and it's now easier than ever. And luckily, expeditions like one on small expedition ship Ocean Endeavour will provide you with wellness and pampering, or as much solitude as you'd like, while also offering great companionship along the way.

Solo Travel for Women

Inspired? Curious about taking your own expedition to the Polar Regions?

There are many diverse expedition options for women, and for women solo travelers. In fact, single and solo travelers can even take advantage of No Single Supplement pricing on voyages on Ocean Endeavour Single Inside cabins.

Whether to the Arctic or Antarctica, contact a Polar Travel Adviser to get started planning your own expedition!

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