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Celebrate World Oceans Day 2017 with Quark: Our Oceans, Our Future

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This Thursday June 8, 2017, join Quark Expeditions® in celebrating and raising awareness for World Oceans Day! This year's theme is “Our Oceans, Our Future,” with a special focus on promoting environmental efforts in oceans worldwide by reducing plastic ocean pollution and reducing marine litter.

Regardless of where you live, there are a lot of ways to participate. Whether you're primarily interested in the Arctic Ocean or the Antarctic Ocean or are passionate about conserving all of the world's oceans, there are activities happening online and in locations around the globe. Get involved! We'll show you how, but first…

What Is World Oceans Day?

As stewards of the Polar Regions, we're passionate about protecting and preserving the polar oceans--and we know our passengers are, too! These delicate ecosystems are home to hundreds of species, almost surely including some not yet discovered. On World Oceans Day, global citizens from over 100 countries participate by celebrating and raising awareness of the issues facing our oceans.

A massive whale flips its tail for passengers cruising a bay just off the Antarctic Peninsula.

World Oceans Day was created in 2002 by The Ocean Project, an international ocean conservation partnership comprised of aquariums, zoos, museums and other visitor-serving organizations. In 2008, the day was officially recognized by the United Nations, and today millions take part in sustainability initiatives worldwide to benefit our oceans.

This year, the newly-formed World Oceans Day Youth Advisory Council has given new perspectives, ideas and recommendations for developing this global event. Eleven youth, ages 14 - 22, from 11 diverse countries, have been focused on engaging youth around the world and expanding opportunities for ocean conservation throughout the year.

In a media release, surfer, activist and (as he's best known) musician Jack Johnson said, “I love to celebrate World Oceans Day each year because it's an opportunity for people around the world to think about how we can come together in support of healthy oceans. I'm especially excited to see how young people are getting involved and taking action throughout the year to engage their local communities in reducing plastic ocean pollution and promoting solutions.”

How Can I Participate in an Event?

Search the World Oceans Day events database for events in your area. While many events are free, some offer expert guest speakers, performances or other activities that are subject to an entry fee.

Check if a local marine-oriented organization or attraction is doing something special to mark the event. Many aquariums, including the Virginia Aquarium, Seattle Aquarium, National Aquarium, Ripley's and Monterey Bay support the initiative.

Get in touch with an aquarium near you and ask how they support environmental sustainability in our oceans. Even if you can't financially support the cause, you can raise awareness by sharing the news on social media!

Passengers learn about the unique ecosystem of the Southern Ocean and Antarctica Peninsula while Zodiac cruising in Antarctica.

Passengers learn about the unique ecosystem of the Southern Ocean and Antarctica Peninsula while Zodiac cruising in Antarctica. Photo: Miranda Miller

If you can't find a nearby event, consider planning your own! The website lists a simple three-step process for hosting an event to celebrate and raise awareness for ocean conservation efforts. Various event-planning and promotional resources are available, including social media posts and posters.

Remember to list your activity on the site's events map, so others can participate.

You can also take part online, by joining World Oceans Day Live on YouTube.

On June 8th, host Dr. Lucy Woodall, marine biologist and principal scientist working at the University of Oxford, will teach viewers about the incredible marine life living deep underwater and the science behind submarine exploration.

How Can I Promote Environmental Sustainability Year-Round?

Every day is a great day to get involved in protecting our polar oceans and pristine ecosystems.

A polar bear explores the waters just beneath the surface of the ocean, on the lookout for a seal to make its next meal.

  • Choose sustainable and ethical seafood.
  • Use eco-friendly laundry chemicals and cabin amenities (provided on all Quark voyages) when cruising polar waters.
  • Support sustainability initiatives when you travel. Each season, through our on-board auctions, our passengers contribute an average of $150,000 to charities dedicated to sustainability and conservation in the places we visit. We encourage passengers to participate in the Clean Up Svalbard project, to remedy the problem created by northerly ocean currents sweeping plastic debris into the Arctic Ocean, where it can harm or even kill fragile seabirds.
  • Support the Penguin Lifelines project from the comfort of home by tagging penguins in still images.

This year, join us in promoting World Oceans Day and raising awareness about important conservation and sustainability initiatives taking place the world over. Tweet us @QuarkExpedition to share how you're celebrating on June 8!

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