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Andrew White


From British pub owner and international brewery sales director to co-owner of Canada’s oldest canoe tripping company, Andrew comes to his position of President at Quark from a diverse sales and marketing background, but one rooted in passion for the Arctic regions. He founded Destination Arctic, was co-owner of a boutique luxury travel company, and served as Chief Experience officer and Expedition Leader for Arctic Kingdom Polar Expeditions. Outside of work, he is an avid outdoorsman and a chauffeur to his son and daughter’s sporting pursuits.

What advice do you have for the first-time passenger?

Admittedly, I’ve been bitten by the Arctic bug. There, you’ll see some of the tallest mountains in the world, the biggest and most active glaciers in the world, spectacular steep canyons, vast tundra, and rivers that parallel the Amazon. You’ll experience four seasons in one day, and the summers (when we do our voyages) are beautiful and surprisingly warm. You’ll walk through a lush green Arctic meadow teeming with wildflowers and Arctic cotton as well as see snow in myriad shapes and colours and sizes. Yes, polar bears are the big draw, but you will see a more wildlife species than many places on the planet including those very few people in the world will ever see: walrus, narwhal and muskox. In terms of culture, be ready to be lit up by the warm smiles of the gentle, humble Inuit people.

Lastly, my advice is to get out of your comfort zone – going on an Arctic expedition is the first step, but keep going to where magic and epiphanies live!