Dani Plumb

Video Content Specialist

I was born in Canada, raised in the US and Canada, and have called Toronto home for over a decade. Thanks to a deep passion for people, cultures and social justice, I completed a Master of Arts in Sociology and Equity Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. After graduating, I moved to Taipei, Taiwan, to teach English to adorable preschoolers. Then, I moved back to Toronto to transition into a career in marketing, and started a video production and photography company with my husband. Since 2016, I’ve been the Video Content Specialist at Quark Expeditions, where I edit breathtaking footage of the Polar Regions.

Do you have any awards, published research, or committee memberships?

I received the Best Film by an Emerging Filmmaker Award at the Toronto Urban Film Festival in 2015. My first short film, Child/Adult, played in subway stations across Toronto, in malls across Canada, and twice at short film festivals in the Ukraine.

What advice would you give someone traveling to the polar regions?

If you’re taking photos or video, bring rain sleeves (to keep your camera dry), lens pens (to keep your lens clean), and a dry sack (to keep your gear dry when you’re getting on and off the Zodiac); you can purchase all of these at our Polar Boutique. I’d also recommend extra camera batteries (keep them warm in your jacket), a couple of hard drives (for backup), polarized filters, and the widest lens you can get your hands on.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from traveling?

Traveling grants so many opportunities to expand your mind, meet new people, learn something new and relearn simple tasks. Don’t rule out the places that aren’t necessarily on your bucket list – they’re usually the most interesting places to visit.

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