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Mark Weber

Polar Travel Adviser

Canadian-born and raised, I’m an explorer at heart who had an interest in maps and atlases at a very early age. My parents introduced me to the classic road trip, and once I got my driver’s license, I took every opportunity to zigzag across Canada, the U.S., and Mexico. I also had the opportunity to backpack for 5 months throughout most of Europe after university, and found my niche in adventure travel, kick-starting my tourism career. I joined the Quark Expeditions team in September 2013. Having now visited 50 countries and more than a decade in the wholesale travel industry, my most memorable travel experiences have been to the Arctic and Antarctica.

What is one of your favorite memories of the polar regions?

Getting sprayed by humpback whales while on a zodiac in Antarctica, or being followed by a bearded seal in a kayak in East Greenland.

What advice would you give someone traveling to the polar regions?

Remember to put the camera down and appreciating the quietness, away from civilization. I also recommend polar destinations as a time for a technology detox; to ‘disconnect’ for a few days to take in the natural world.