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An adventurous spirit in Antarctica

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A few updates from the Expedition Team on Ocean Endeavour - November 25-Dec 5, 2015 voyage:

Antarctica truly delivered an epic day for the Ocean Endeavour. We awoke to wind strong and cold enough to remind us where we were. Once on shore at Half Moon Island, Antarctica dropped its sunrays and opened its visibility to welcome us to its beautiful world.


As each second passed our excursion grew better and better, weather, wildlife and landscape all improved. Later on, Antarctica yet again took control and increased its winds strong enough to deny us entry in through Neptune's Bellows. We watched large swells crash against nearby icebergs, creating the same furious scenes the late explorers once wrote about. Defeated by Deception Island and the weather we still left with an adventurous spirit.


The Quark explorers braved the cold wind on the outside decks as we toured through colossal sized icebergs which seemed to grow larger and larger each nautical mile lifting our energy levels as we prepared to cross the Bransfield Strait to enter into the prized Antarctic Peninsula.

More to come!

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